Kaneohe Yacht Club Telltales Newsletter



July 2017
Summer Circuit, Relay for Life, Doublehanded Race


June 2017
Molokai Cruise, Wounded Warriors, Tom Collins Trophy, Safety at Sea


May 2017
Lipton Cup, Keiki Easter Party, Tennis Fleet, Racing


April 2017
Racing!, Wahine Regatta, Newcomers


March 2017
IRF A-1, Classboat, Junior Skiff Clinic, Valentines Day, Greek Night


February 2017
Opening Day, Boat Blessing, El Toro Clinic, Bourbon Tasting


January 2017
Commodore's Ball, Commodore's Reception, Keiki Christmas Party, Fishing Fleet Party Pics


December 2016
Cy Gillette Day photos, Cruising Fleet Pacific Squadron


November 2016
State Championship Results, Lipton Cup One Design, Joe Cochran Memorial, Keiki Halloween


October 2016
Laser States, El Toro States, Bullship, Wahine Fishing Tourney, South Pacific Squadron, I 14 Worlds, Tennis Fleet


September 2016
Tennis Fleet Shrimp Boil, I-14 Worlds Report, Wounded Warriors


August 2016
Pacific Cup, IRF Wahine Regatta, Junior Olympics, Fleet Reports


July 2016
Summer Circuit, Classboat results, Pacific cup Schedule of Events.


June 2016
It's Summer! Managers Reception, Pacific Cup News, Sail Camp, I 14 Racing, Fishing Fleet, Tennis, IRF


May 2016
International Fourteen, Pacific Rim Championship Regatta, Lipton Cup, Bunco!


April 2016
Newcomers, Keiki Easter Party, Wahine Classboat, Safety at Sea, Fleet Reports


March 2016
Molokai Cruise, Mega Expedition, Pac Rim I-14 Update, Warrior Sailing, C-20 report, Tennis Fleet News, Superbowl Photos


February 2016
KYC Annual Boat Blessing, Opening Day 2016


January 2016
Keiki Christmas Party, Parade of Lights, Commodore's Ball, Commodore's Reception


December 2015
Cy Gillette Day, Seafest, Fishing Fleet, I-14 Report, IRF


November 2015
BOD Nominees, State Championship Results, Joe Cochran Day, Halloween


October 2015
Bullship, Newcomers, Mega Expedition


September 2015
Fishing Fleet News, Adrenalin Ocean Cleanup, C-20 Bay of Pigs


August 2015
El Toro North Americans, Fleet Reports, Mark Towill Event


July 2015
Summer Circuit, Commodores' Challenge, Fleet Reports


June 2015
DJJ 3 Day Around Oahu Race, Summer Safety, Fishing News, Tennis Fleet Report


May 2015
I-14 Racing, Keiki Easter Party, Wine Tasting, Bunco Night, C-20 Racing


April 2015
Newcomers, I-14 Report, ORF Singlehanded Race, Wicked Wahine Race


March 2015
Classboat Racing, Valentines Day, Boat Blessing, Kona Storm Reports


February 2015
Opening Day, Molokai Cruise, Tennis Fleet News


JJanuary 2015
Keiki Christmas Party, Commodore's Ball & Reception, J80 Worlds


December 2014
Joe Cochran Day, Cy Gillette Day, KYC 90th Anniversary Party


November 2014
State Keelboat Champs, International 14 Fleet Seasons Report, Keiki Halloween, Dream Passage


October 2014
Bullship, Newcomers, Race Results


September 2014
Waimea Bay Race, Tennis Fleet News, Pacific Cup


July/August 2014
Summer Circuit, Ida Lewis Report, Pacific Cup Event Schedule


June 2014
International 14 Pac Rim Championship, Pacific Cup Update, Cinco de Mayo


May 2014
Keiki Easter, Bunco, IRF B-2


April 2014
Newcomers, St. Patrick's Day, C-20 Wahine Race


March 2014
Opening Day, Boat Blessing, Valentines Photos, Fleet Reports


January/February 2014
Commodores Ball, Keiki Christmas, New Years Day Commodores Reception


December 2013
Joe Cochran Memorial Channel Race, Cy Gillette Day, Melges 24 World Championship Report


November 2013
Moth World Championships, Lipton Cup One Design, Keelboat States, Halloween


October 2013
Bullship, El Toro States, Laser States, Newcomers, I14 Report, Fleet Reports


September 2013
El Toro North Americans, Tequila Tasting, Fleet Reports, Niihau Cruising


July August 2013
Summer Circuit, Wine Night, Junior Sailing


June 2013


May 2013
Race Management Seminar, Mooring Stuff, Lipton Cup Challenge


April 2013
Cruising Hakipu'u, St. Patricks Day, Easter, Newcomers and more!


March 2013
Opening Day!, Boat Blessing, I14 Skiff Day