Ahoy Maties! Upcoming Waimea Bay Race, Saturday, August 19 (NOR)

It’s coming up soon, so make your plans. This is one of our classic races and a must-do race to prove your downwind cred. The wind will be good, and the cloud cover will be perfect. So brave the ocean and challenge your crew to some great racing. Are you up to it? You won’t know if you don’t go. Contact Frederic Berg for more information.


Another Win for Kaneohe Yacht Club.

The 2017 El Toro Junior and Senior North American Championships wrapped up today in Richmond California. The series included 6 races and 42 boats over three days. KYC was well represented. The 5 junior sailors from Kaneohe Yacht Club did well with 3 in the top ten. We had 3 seniors from Kaneohe Yacht Club. Our Jesse Andrews took first place. Click HERE for race results. The event photos are HERE.


2017 Kauai Channel Race

Our Commodore Tom Wood, Vice Commodore Frederic Berg and Director Mark Andrade were on station to man the start line for the Kauai Channel Race. They also managed to take a few pictures. You can find those start line pictures on the KYC Offshore Racing page. We've also set up a RaceQS replay for the Kauai Channel Race on that same page.


Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip.

This year's Riddle Regatta was a little nostalgic. In case you were wondering, the theme was Gilligan's Island. This is a fun regatta where you buy down your start time by showing up in costume or buying regatta shirts. Once you are on the water answer the riddles to figure out your course. Thanks Bill Riddle for putting on a great event. HERE are some pictures of the event.


What are those crazy junior sailors up to now?

Did you have a chance to watch all the fun at the Plywood Cup? The Plywood Cup is not your typical fundraiser for United Cerebral Palsy of Hawaii. This is a fun competition that pits teams of boat builders against the clock and against the sea. You sink - You loose. Browse through pictures of all the fun HERE.


Another Great Day on the Water.

Kaneohe Yacht club proudly hosted the IRF Wahine Invitational Regatta. We had 10 boats on the line with upwards of 50 sailors. This race is one event in a grueling woman's series of 21 races, at 7 different venues. These wahine all do it with smiles on their faces, and they do it with class. Click HERE for race results. Click HERE for race replays. Click HERE for on-the-water photos.


Thursday Night Bulkhead racers.

We plan to record the Thursday Night Bulkhead races with RaceQs and then replay it in the bar after the race. Come on in after the race and enjoy the replay. Download your own free copy of the RaceQs iphone or android app from your App Store.  Be sure to turn it on for the race. You can find more information and copies of old race replays on the Bulkhead page.


So what were you doing 8am Saturday Morning?

While you were still drinking coffee the Juniors Sailors were at Sandy Beach picking up trash for Ka Ipu ‘Aina. This fundraiser raised money to put toward transportation costs for our trip to El Toro North Americas. The El Toro North Americas sailing regatta will be held at Richmond Yacht Club in August. A huge mahalo goes out to Matson for making this fundraiser possible.


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