Ahoy Maties! Upcoming ORF/Cruising events at KYC.

  • ORF Short Handed Race, Saturday, July 22. (NOR)

  • Kauai Channel Race, Friday, August 4 (Event Schedule)

  • Joe Cochran Memorial Channel Race, Saturday, August 5 (NOR)

  • Waimea Bay Race, Saturday, August 19 (NOR)

The tides will be high and weather stupendous, so brave the ocean and challenge your crew to some great racing. Are you up to it? You won’t know if you don’t go. Contact Frederic Berg for more information.


Thursday Night Bulkhead racers.

We plan to record the Thursday Night Bulkhead race with RaceQs and then replay it in the bar after the race.  Come on in after the race and enjoy the replay.  Be sure to download your own copy of  the RaceQs app and turn it on for the race.  You can find more information and copies of old race replays on the Bulkhead page.


So what were you doing 8am Saturday Morning?

While you were still drinking coffee the Juniors Sailors were at Sandy Beach picking up trash for Ka Ipu ‘Aina. This fundraiser raised money to put toward transportation costs for our trip to El Toro North Americas. The El Toro North Americas sailing regatta will be held at Richmond Yacht Club in August. A huge mahalo goes out to Matson for making this fundraiser possible.


Kalakaua Cup 2017 is in the Record Books.

Congratulations to the Yellow Dragon from Kaneohe Yacht Club.  F i r s t   P l a c e  !

The Kalakaua Cup is one of sailing's oldest and most prestigious trophies.  On June 18, 1889 the delegates of the Hawaiian Rowing and Yachting Association appropriated the Kalakaua cup to be sailed annually during the month of July.  This race for first class yachts not over 40 feet in length.

Results from the race are posted in the Offshore Results folder.
Four of the 10 boats in this year's race recorded themselves on RaceQs you can find them on the ORF page


Hey Summer Circuit racers.

You have your own webpage for the 2017 Summer Circuit regatta.  Go to the Summer Circuit page to find the race results, photos and the race replays.


Offshore racers

The replay for the June 17th offshore double handed race can be found on the Offshore Racing page


Interesting website features.

Did you notice the Wind Widget at the top of this page?  This widget shows the current wind speed and gusts in Kaneohe Bay. This live data comes from the NOAA weather station on Coconut Island.  Be sure to visit this website and check out the wind conditions before heading out on the water.


Welcome to KYC's new website.  

This has been in the works for some time and there may still be some quirks that need to be worked out, so your patience is greatly appreciated.

You should have or will be receiving login instructions very shortly, so please check your email.  If you do not receive login instructions soon, please contact Frederic Berg preferably at or by phone.  Jordan or Tracey in the front office can also help you.

We will be looking to the fleet captains and committee chairs to designate someone in each fleet/committee to provide content for the website.  If you are interested in providing content for your fleet/committee, please let your captain/chair know and the proper arrangements will be made.  Access for editing content is different than access to your own profile and account information.

This new website has more integration with our back office software know as Northstar.  As we get familiar with the system we may be able to integrate more services online, so stay tuned.  Exciting times may lie ahead.

In the mean time, please enjoy the website and let me know what, if any, changes are needed.

Frederic Berg

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