Kaneohe Yacht Club

Kaneohe Yacht Club offers world class sailing instruction open to the public.


Junior Sailing Classes


The mission of the junior sailing classes at Kaneohe Yacht Club is to provide a superior and comprehensive sailing curriculum for tweens and teens of all ages and abilities. Junior sailing classes range from beginning how-to-sail to advanced racing techniques. This sport is as much for girls as it is for boys. The sailing curriculum at Kaneohe Yacht Club is a hands-on, interactive learning experience. Lessons are challenging yet fun. New skills are positively reinforced on the water.

Classes are taught by experienced instructors with U.S. Sailing Certification, Red Cross, CPR and First Aid training. Instructors strive to be positive role models, promoting sportsmanship and safety above all. They encourage camaraderie and respect for fellow students. Many students develop personal connections with their peers and instructors. We see a number of our students return session after session while they move on with their friends to more advanced classes. These classes are a lot of fun and for some kids sailing is a perfect fit and a lifelong activity.

Give it a try. Please contact us for more information.


Adult Sailing Classes


Kaneohe Yacht Club also offers adult how-to-sail classes in a Cal-20 sailboat. Classes are hands on opportunity to learn basic seamanship, the rules of the road, and basic sailing techniques. The lessons and terminology learned in these classes can be applied to almost any sailboat. Classs are taught in a supportive environment with two to three students and one instructor aboard the boat. For class schedule and more inforamtion about adult sailing classes contact the Kaneohe Yacht Club office.


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Jesse Andrews
KYC Sailing director
Spring 2019 Junior Sailing Application