IRF at Kaneohe Yacht Club

Inshore Racing Fleet

Bob Ale
IEF Fleet Captain

All IRF races start at 12:00, finish approximately 15:00 - 16:00, race in the areas between Kaneohe Yacht Club, Coconut Island and the Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station. For safety boats we have a pontoon boat called the 'Float Boat' and Pop Gillette. Safety boats have VHF Radios and typically at least one crewmember has a mobile phone. Each boat typically has 2-3 crewmembers.

The June races start an hour earlier at 11:00. This 'C' series of races is called our 'Summer Circuit' and is an invitational race. Typically we have between 15 and 25 boats racing in this series (visiting yachts come from the islands of Hawaii, Kauai, Maui and Molokai).

You can find more information about Summer Circuit and race replays; HERE.

IRF Pictures
2017 Summer Circuit Day 3
2017 Summer Circuit Day 2
2017 Summer Circuit Day 1
2017 B2
29 April 2017 States
30 April 2017 States
2017 B1
2017 A3
2017 A2
2017 A1


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