ORF at Kaneohe Yacht Club

Ocean Racing Fleet

Frederic Berg
ORF Fleet Captain

The ORF sails point to point races to locations offshore such as the west end of Molokai and Waimea Bay as well as the recently popular shorthanded races in and around the bay on handicapped basis.

Frederic Berg is Fleet Captain. He works closely with fleet members to organize scheduled ocean races and determine the schedule for the next year.

Offshore photo albums:

7/4/2017 2017 Kauai Channel Race - Start Line  

Offshore race replays:

7/4/2017 RaceQs -  2017 Kauai Channel Race  
7/2/2017 RaceQs -  Kalakaua Cup Race 1 (4/10 Boats Recorded)
7/2/2017 RaceQs -  Kalakaua Cup Race 2 (4/10 Boats Recorded)
7/2/2017 RaceQs -  Kalakaua Cup Race 3 (3/10 Boats Recorded)
6/17/2017 RaceQs -  ORF Double Handed (8/9 Boats Recorded)

If you would like to be included in these replays take a look at the RaceQs fact sheet for information on how to put a GPS tracker on your sailboat.



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