Kaneohe Yacht Club

Junior Summer Sailing

KYC's Summer Junior Sailing Classes are held Monday thru Friday. KYC’s Summer program for Juniors is the highlight of our year-round program. In an atmosphere of camaraderie and fun, Junior sailors learn the basics of sailing including all points of sail, knots, water safety, and seamanship while building confidence and developing organizational and social skills. 

We are looking forward to watching and sharing many life long skills with the Spring sailing students!  Please feel free to email with any questions. In addition to regularly scheduled classes, the program offers participation in local regattas as well as Friday night Dinghy Races.

**Sibling Registration: When registering multiple children, the system requires each child to be fully registered and paid for individually. Please register each child separately.

COVID-19 Update 05/17/2020 from Sailing Director Jesse Andrews:

We have had to cancel the Sea Urchin class and Novice Topper class due to numbers of kids in boats. There will be only singlehanded sailing this summer unless sailors reside at the same residence.

Here are the guidelines that would be implemented to provide a responsible summer program:

  1. Limit size to eight students per class.

  2. Stagger classes 1/2 hour apart and with no more than 2 classes at a time, limit of 8 students per class.

  3. Allow only one sailor in the clubhouse at a time for bag storage, or prohibit clubhouse access and store bags outside.

  4. Conduct talks on the lawn with 6 feet or more of separation.

  5. Rig a maximum of 4 boats on the launching dock at once. Our dock measures 24'x 44', which will be marked off into zones for rigging with 6' quadrants of to separate sailors.

  6. Limit classes to singlehanded sailing only unless sailors are from the same household.

  7. Require hand sanitizer provided by the Club to use upon arrival, and throughout class while on land.

  8. Require all sailors will wear face masks/UV sailing masks.

  9. Take temperatures via temple scan upon arrival.

  10. Require all sailors and parents to sign and agree to a physical distancing statement that allows removal from class if distancing guidelines and face mask rules are not followed.

  11. Limit rigging to two fleets at a time in separate areas (on the dock and near the topper rack area) and keep at least 6’ between boats while on land and at sea.

  12. Require sailors maintain physical distancing after class until parent pick-up or departing the Club.

    AM Intro to Singlehanded Topper Sailing 9 AM-Noon
    AM O'Pen Skiff (BIC) and Laser Racing 9:30-12:30
    PM Singlehanded Intermediate to Advanced Topper 1:00-4:00
    PM Advanced WASZP Racing 1:30-4:30*
    *There are 7 privately owned WASZP’s at KYC and two club boats.  Before registering for this class you’ll need to get checked out with Jesse unless you have a private boat.


Class & Registration Information

To register for sailing, each child must be a minimum age of 7 for Mini Mariners and 9 for all other classes. All class sizes are limited and students will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. A PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN must register their child and electronically sign the “Kaneohe Yacht Club Jr Activities Waiver” in order for participation (the waiver will be emailed to you once payment is received).


  • Coast Guard approved life jacket (TYPE III)

  • Reef walkers or closed toed shoes

  • Hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, water bottle and change of clothes (recommended)



Sessions & Pricing

Class Dates

Session I: June 1 - June 12
Session II: June 15 - June 26
Session III: June 29 - July 10
Session IV: July 20 - July 31
Session V: August 3- August 7 (one week)



Session I-IV Member

Session I-IV Non-Member

Session V Member

Session V Non-Member

Mini Mariners





Novice Topper





Intermediate/Advanced Topper





Intro to Singlehanded Topper Sailing





AM/PM Racing








When registering, please include your member number for the child or grandchild (found on gate card). Membership will be verified.

Use of Own Boat (10% off): OWNBOAT
Siblings (10% off): SIBLING

CANCELLED: Mini Mariners

This class is for the first time student or younger novice students to learn the basic seamanship skills to operate a sailboat and explore the bay!  On windy days the instructor may opt to teach paddleboarding, go snorkeling or fun water related games.  The class will mostly be taught in Toppers with an instructor close by in a motorboat and sometimes onboard sailing with the kids. The goal of this introductory class is intended to introduce more kids to the great opportunities of sailing and exploring Kaneohe Bay!  Class is limited to 5 students.  Ages 7-10 and No sailing experience necessary.

Morning Class: Monday-Friday 9:30am - 12:30pm
Afternoon Class: Monday-Friday 1:30pm - 4:30pm

CANCELLED: Novice Topper

Recommended Age 9+ No experience required, sailing levels 1-2. Eight year olds are occasionally allowed with prior experience.  Entry Level class for primarily beginning sailors. This class is taught in Toppers and emphasizes knowledge of the boat, rigging, basics of sailing, water safety and building confidence in boat handling on all points of sail.

Swimming proficiency is required. Students must be able to demonstrate the ability to swim two lengths of the swimming pool, unassisted and without the use of flotation devices. 

Monday-Friday 9:30am - 12:30pm

Intermediate/Advanced Topper

Recommended Age 9+ Experience recommended, Sailing levels 2-3. Students that have already taken the beginning Topper class (or who are currently enrolled), and wish to further develop sailing skills and get comfortable sailing on their own are eligible to take this class. Concepts learned in the beginning class are built upon. Students will get the chance to learn how to single-handed sail in Toppers in this class

Swimming proficiency is required. Students must be able to demonstrate the ability to swim two lengths of the swimming pool, unassisted and without the use of flotation devices.  

Monday-Friday 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Intro to Singlehanded Topper Sailing

Age 9+ Experience required. Sailing levels 3-4. This class is for the sailor who is looking get involved with racing and is primarily taught in Toppers, Bics and El Toros. There will be an emphasis on boat handling skills and racing tactics.

Swimming proficiency is required. Students must be able to demonstrate the ability to swim two lengths of the swimming pool, unassisted and without the use of flotation devices.

Monday-Friday 9:00am - 12:00pm

AM/PM Racing

Age 9+ Experience Required. Sailing levels 4-6. This is for the Junior who understands the basic fundamentals of sailing, including: rigging, points of sail, docking and terminology. Sailors must be competent in capsize recovery and able to sail a boat by themselves. Focus will be on training for upcoming regattas. Sailing with be in El Toros, Open Bics, Lasers, WASZP 

Swimming proficiency is required. Students must be able to demonstrate the ability to swim two lengths of the swimming pool, unassisted and without the use of flotation devices.

Morning Class (O'pen Bic/Lasers): Monday-Friday 9:30am - 12:30pm
Afternoon Class (WASZP): Monday-Friday 1:30pm - 4:30pm

Sailing Levels

Sailing Levels:

Level 1 Young Novice

Ages 8-10 that are relatively new to sailing.  Learning the essentials of sailing. Some skills taught will be to pass a swim test, right a capsized boat, tie a variety of knots, three ways to tell where the wind is coming from, Use and understand hand signals on the water, name points of sail and rigging and de-rigging boats.  On the water skills taught will be Follow the leader, sail a figure 8 course, sail a triangle course, sail to the dock safely, Tack and jybe and learn how to get out of irons.  These classes will have a student to adult ratio of 5 to 1 or less. 

Level 2 Novice

Ages 9-16 that are relativly new to sailing. May have taken a sailing class before but still working on skippering the boat back to the club, docking, being able to sail upwind and adjust to the various wind conditions.  Pass a man overboard recovery, learn basic right of way rules. After showing instructors that they are sufficient at sailing around a course in tradewinds as a skipper and a crew, rigging and derigging, safely tand properly tacking and jybing, docking, tying the various knots then they are ready to be Level 3!

Level 3 intermediate 

These sailors will be working on skippering a boat safely and proficiantly.  They will be introduced to O'Pen Skiffs (Bics), El Toro's and posibly Lasers and 420's.  They must learn to properly rig and derig these boats. Learn how to stear the boat using their weight and sail trim, tacking and jybing correctly in up to 15 knots of wind. Learn how a start and a race works. Be able to use the hiking strap and sail "on the wind" for an upwind leg of the course.  Know how to read telltales and learn the five basic racing rules.

Level 4 Advanced intermediate

By now you are sailing in the local races such as the KYC Friday night fun races and are starting to sail in the HYSA events and other local races. You are comfortable sailing in 15 knots without too much assistance.  You know how to find the favored end of the starting line and are getting better at roll tacking and sailing windshifts correctly upwind and down.  You can tack and jybe with out much issue in up to 15 knots of wind.

Level 5 Advanced

You have gone to events and have placed in the top three in an event with more then three people!  You are starting to enjoy the racing circuit and can handle a full sized El Toro and Bic sail in 15 knots of wind.  You enjoy the challange of heavier winds and the thrill of going fast and learning the finite skills such as low speed start amnuvering, surfing waves, usuing the spinaker on the 420, trapezing and competing with the KYC race team at regattas!

Level 6 Expert!

You are able to skipper and crew in 420's and have competed in events with a trapeze and spinaker.  You are able to sail boats in over 15knots of wind and feel comfortable.  You enjoy helping others by showing them to properly rig and instructing on and off the water.  You are starting to do qualifying regattas and travelling to the mainland for National events.  If you are sailing double-handed boats you have a steady partner.  You can sail the 29er and recover from capsizing on your own even with the spinaker up.  You or your crew can tight reach with the spinaker and on the trapeze.  You know the rules of sailing and show good sportsmanship and seamanship!  Congrats if you make it this far in sailing!  You will make lifelong friends all over the country and even the world.  Sailing can be addicting and turn into a life long sport and lifestyle!