One of the highlights every June is the annual IRF Summer Circuit regatta. This is a very popular regatta spread over three Sundays. There are normally a couple dozen boats entered in this regatta crewed by some of the best racers in the state. This race features boats from a wide PHRF rating band.  To make it even more interesting, both the start line and the distance between marks is kept fairly short.  The number of boats, wide ratings and short course all create exciting starts, competitive roundings, and very challenging racing.  This is some of the best buoy racing in the state.  


If the racing on the water wasn't thrilling enough, this regatta also includes a fantastic after-party and prizes at the end of each day.  If your boat shows up all three days you won't go home empty handed.  Rick Osborne and his handpicked race committee put on a fantastic regatta.   

Any PHRF boat that fits the regatta rating band is welcomed to sign up.  We have Melges 24s on the line along with 33 foot racer/cruisers, J24s and everything in between.  Visiting boats from across the State are also welcomed, but be sure to sign up early so we can find you a slip for the month. 

If you are a boat owner or crew and you take racing seriously, this is the place to be in June,  Come on down and be a part of Summer Circuit.  It’s a lot of fun.  For more information contact Rick Osborne.  


Summer Circuit 2017


Notice of Race

Sailing Instructions

RaceQs (GPS sailboat tracker) Fact Sheet

Day 1 - 6/4/2017

RaceQs - Race 1 Replay (2/20 boats recorded)
RaceQs - Race 2 Replay (1/20 boat recorded)
RaceQs - Race 3 Replay (2/20 boats recorded)
RaceQs - Race 4 Replay (1/20 boats recorded)

Day 2 - 6/11/2017 

RaceQs - Race 5 Replay (5/20 boats recorded)
RaceQs - Race 6 Replay (5/20 boats recorded)
RaceQs - Race 7 Replay (6/20 boats recorded)
RaceQs - Race 8 Replay (6/20 boats recorded)

Day 3 - 6/25/2017

RaceQs - Race 9 Replay (7/20 boats recorded)
RaceQs - Race 10 Replay (7/20 boats recorded)
RaceQs - Race 11 Replay (7/20 boats recorded)
RaceQs - Race 12 Replay (7/20 boats recorded)



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