Rick White

Fleet Captain


The KYC Fishing Fleet is made up of Club Members that have a common interest in deep sea fishing and related activities. Fleet membership is open to all members whether they own a boat or not.

All KYC Fishing Tournaments have a pre-tournament organizational meeting for registration. The club monitors the VHF radio during the event and there are numerous club members at the club with offshore capable boats should a boat become disabled. Most boats fish within 1-30 miles of the north shore of Oahu (typical of an average day fishing event).

Monthly meetings are held in the KYC Longhouse at 18:30 every 3rd Tuesday of the month and usually features a guest speaker on fishing and boat operations. The Fleet sponsors regular tournaments including the Annual Invitational, Wahine and Junior tournaments.

Fishing Fleet member applications are available at the KYC office. For additional information contact the Fleet Captain.


My fellow Fishing Fleet members,

This is to insure our members that the Fishing Fleet is not dead and either am I:) It does appear that we are in a hibernation phase that we go through every couple of years which is unfortunate, but I believe it is time to awaken!!!

 The Fishing Fleet has for the past two years spearheaded a friendly:) competition with the rest of the fleets to raise money for the American Cancer Society. In each of these years we have dominated this competition and have raised tens of thousands of dollars for this great cause. We want to continue this tradition and dominate again in 2013.

 Everyone has been or will be effected by this dreaded disease in some way during their lifetimes. We have several cancer survivors within our club which makes it all the more important that we continue this event regardless of the state of our fleet. 2013 will have even more importance for me as I hope to join the ranks of the cancer survivors in the club! God Willing I will be cancer free come July 6th and will be ready to party in the Fishing Fleet style.

Liz and I will need all the support we can muster from you the Fishing Fleet members. We can not have a successful campaign this year if we don't receive some help. We hope everyone will be rested and ready to contribute not to mention ready to have a lot of fun. We need to rise up from the "dead" I use that term lightly and show everyone,  the Fishing Fleet is still a viable part of the club.

 We are fortunate to have the Tennis Fleet co sponsoring the event which pretty much assures us a great turnout from the members and a friendly competitive atmosphere. This year we will have the Pot Luck format that was so successful two years ago. The Waiahole Ditch band will provide the entertainment.

 Now, I have promised my wife that we will have great support from you all, and  I am pleading with you to prove me right, or else it will be a long hot summer for me doing all kinds of things around the house instead of going fishing:(

 The Pot Luck will be on July 6th the weekend following the 4th of July so a perfect time to party!!!

 We would like to have a meeting of the volunteers on this Saturday at 3:00PM in the longhouse. I hope to see you all there drinks will be on me. That's how badly I need you!

 If you have any questions feel free to either email me at or call my cell 479-5495.

 I hope to have a huge bar bill on Saturday


 Captain Billfish

 Bill Atherton