Waimea Bay


Hale O Lona, Molokai



Frederic Berg

Fleet Captain


The cruising fleet has as its objective to get as many boats from the club out beyond the sand bar overnight. 
The cruising fleet puts on seminars on boat preparation, navigation, anchoring and other topics related to getting to cruising grounds as well as organizing outings to places such as Hakipu'u and Hale O'lono.
Three persons responsible for the creation and organization of the Cruising Fleet are Rick Villalobos, Bill Leary and Frederic Berg.

2014 KYC Cruising Fleet Hale O Lono Cruise

After two bust years of bad weather on the designated weekend, this year’s cruise over the MLK weekend to Lono Harbor on Molokai’s South shore was a great success.  Most of us have never seen the Molokai Channel flatter both for Saturday’s trek over or Monday’s return.  The six boat fleet was made up entirely of sailboats when Tom and Sandy Ragley’s power boat engines started acting up after haul out and they were forced to opt out of the cruise.  This was irony at its best, as winds were calm with most of the fleet powering the entire way to Lono, and enjoying only an hour or so of sailing on the way home.  With 14+ hours of motoring, power plants had to be in good working order to complete the crossings.  Unfortunately, Fredric Berg’s engine on Alizé wasn’t up to the task, and he was forced to turn back for home at Makapuu on Saturday with an overheating problem.

The dreaded North swell wrap around Laau Point didn’t cause any problems for the fleet entering Lono on Saturday, but by Sunday when the swell peaked the channel was closed out during the larger sets.  Fortunately we all stayed securely moored on Sunday, and by Monday’s scheduled departure the swell was back down to acceptable levels.  Mick Meierdiercks on Substantial Vessel reportedly entertained the crew on Bo Wheeler and Marcy Fleming’s Maka‘oi’oi by making their harbor departure just as Monday’s largest set was arriving.  It didn’t break, but Mick reportedly got nearly vertical climbing the face of a cresting wave in the channel, and his outboard raced as his bow dropped over the top.  Exciting stuff!

This was such a popular cruise that folks were willing to run the seven mile dirt road down from Mauna Loa to participate.  Both Bill Meyer, who was sailing on Rick and Maria Lucia Villalobos’s Pili Aloha, and Marcy Fleming made the run to get to Lono and meet their boats. 

Sunday was spent relaxing, hiking, swimming, and watching Mick zip around the harbor on his homemade Rube Goldberg motorbike which he brought over strapped to Substantial Vessel’s mast on deck.  The day ended with a 5PM pupu party ashore where many attendees reportedly witnessed the green flash as the sun set.  Interesting that just as many of us that were standing there and looking didn’t see it.  Perhaps it had to do with the amount of alcohol in one’s system….

Moku pe’a won the fishing tournament on Saturday with a 30+ pound short billed spear fish (Hebi), and Maka’oi’oi won on the way home with a 15 pound ulua.  Wayne Reis on Kamakani, who was forced to watch Noodle and Rocky muscle their hebi over the rail from about 50 yards away, returned the favor a few minutes later when he landed two sashimi sized shibi.  Pili Aloha also had some luck on Saturday with some small tuna.