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Bill Riddle

Fleet Captain

As Fleet Captain I organize the weekly Thursday Night Bulkhead Races (they run the last Thursday of February through the end of September). All Thursday Night Bulkhead Races start at 6 PM. 

I assign handicaps and divide the boats into four classes based on size and skill levels, so there's always a group you can race in no matter what size or type of boat or skill level. Boats tie up, stern-to at the bulkhead and at each boat's individually assigned time it departs. All racing stays in the confines of Kaneohe Bay and races last on average about an hour. Handicaps are calculated up-front so that the slowest boats leave first. That way, in a perfect world, all the boats would finish at exactly the same time.

No prior signup or entry fee is required; just show up planning to have some fun. Spinnakers are not required. Our prizes are limited to simple, but appreciated “drink tickets” courtesy of the Club.
During the fall and winter months our racing schedule changes and the races become the Second Sunday Bulkhead Races (second Sunday of each month October through February). The Second Sunday Races begin at 2 PM. Get it... Second Sunday at 2.  :-)  The same conditions apply. 

All KYC Bulkhead races are invitational and as such are open to Club boats as well as guest boats. Crew do not have to be members and their participation in the Bulkhead Races does not count against their normal quarterly quota to be a guest of the Club.

2016 Cy Gillette



Bob Ale

Fleet Captain


All IRF races start at 12:00, finish approximately 15:00 - 16:00, race in the areas between Kaneohe Yacht Club, Coconut Island and the Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station. For safety boats we have a pontoon boat called the 'Float Boat' and Pop Gillette. Safety boats have VHF Radios and typically at least one crewmember has a mobile phone. Each boat typically has 2-3 crewmembers.

The June races start an hour earlier at 11:00. This 'C' series of races is called our 'Summer Circuit' and is an invitational race. Typically we have between 15 and 25 boats racing in this series (visiting yachts come from the islands of Hawaii, Kauai, Maui and Molokai).


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8 Nov 2015


Ocean Racing Fleet 


Frederic Berg

Fleet Captain


The ORF sails point to point races to locations offshore such as the west end of Molokai and Waimea Bay as well as the recently popular shorthanded races in and around the bay on handicapped basis. 

Frederic Berg is Fleet Captain and can be reached at or 808.284.4221. The Fleet Captain works closely with fleet members to organize scheduled ocean races and determine the schedule for the next year.

Double Handed Race

Great racing had by all.  Clean Tradewinds at about 15 knots with clear sunny skies.  Lucky we live Hawaii.  Ten boats started at G25, the bayside entrance to the main ship channel, headed out the Sanpan Channel rounding R2 to head upwind to the Marine Corps buoy "A".  Then it was back down wind with (or without) spinnakers to R2, down the Sanpan Channel and finish back at G25.  The course provided the right mix of reaching, upwind and downwind sailing in offshore conditions.  Congratulations to Eric Aakhus and Mark Towil aboard the J105 007 on their win finishing in one hour twenty nine minutes and thirty seconds.  The Petritz brothers Scott and Mark placed second aboard the J33 Troubador, with Connor McCrillis and his father Ryan aboard the J80 Alohalani in third and Luca Berg and with his father Frederic rounding out the top four aboard the J35 Alizé, proving that J Boats truly are family boats.  All boats were back at the Club by one o'clock for lunch at the snack bar, beers and story telling (17 knots anyone?).

Molokai Race

Kawakiu Bay on the west side of Molokai welcomed the KYC Offshore Fleet May 18th and 19th with gentle breezes, plenty of sunshine and great racing and cruising conditions.  The threatening south swell couldn't manage to rear it's ugly head allowing Cory LarRieu to pick Ophi along the rocks without being washed out to sea. 5 lucky boats were rewarded handsomely for making it to the start and finish lines.  Two boats, Amanda and Flying Tiger double handed.  Amanda led Kaimiloa into Kaneohe for most of the race home, but in the end the fleet stalwarts, Kaimiloa and Ho'onanea closed in on her.  But overall for the weekend goes to Mark Logan on Puanani. Cool.
Check out a video of the trip at:  Molokai Race Video

2013 KYC Lipton Cup Challenge

The team members of Alizé want to thank Kaneohe Yacht Club for allowing us the honor of representing our Club in the Lipton Cup Challenge.  This has been a great opportunity to showcase the Club coming together and supporting a common effort. The outpouring of encouragement and assistance has been overwhelming.


While we didn't bring the Cup back to Kaneohe, we were successful at bringing together a team very capable of winning the Lipton Cup Challenge.  Each team member contributed to the effort in their own unique way, but all the team members were dedicated to supporting each other, creating a strong team.  If any boat owners are looking to benefit from the experience these team members have, extend an invitation to any of us for a bulkhead race or practice session.  Everyone will come out ahead. 


There has been a lot of positive feed back in using an selection series to determine the boat which will represent the Club.  Should the Club continue to use a selection series, the support for the boat showing the best performance on the water will continue to be a strength for the team representing our Club.


Again, we appreciate the opportunity to represent the Club and look forward to seeing everyone soon.



The team from Alizé Lipton Cup Challenge